We pride ourselves on being a community club. By local people, for local people. The Athletic Bilbao of The North.

What does that mean?

Athletic Bilbao famously only fields Basque players and, in that line, we field only Minnesotan players.

Well, what does it mean to be Minnesotan? That is a charged question in the current climate but one that we have a strong point of view on: a Minnesotan is simply someone who calls themselves Minnesotan.

Birth certificate doesn't come into it. Doesn't matter how long you have lived here. Race, class, gender or propensity to say "uff da" is irrelevant.

Club management reflects this point of view. Sarah Schreier is Minnesota born and bred. Dan Hoedeman was born in Minnesota, moved away, moved back, moved away, moved back and now has three Minnesota-born kids. Jon Bisswurm moved here for a job, stayed, and now has his own Minnesota-born kid. Each is a Minnesotan, each as Minnesotan as the other.

We believe in the power of unity, the essential need for the community to look at itself as one group, supporting each other and in this together.

For us, to be Minnesotan is simply to think of yourself as Minnesotan and, specifically in this case, to want to live here separately from wanting to play soccer.

In other words, we don't import players.

Other teams in our conference and our league do. They scour the country for top college players, arrange housing and coaching jobs, and build their teams that way. We could have gone that way too--over a hundred college and foreign players reached out to us before the season to try to play with City.

We went our own way.

We are committed to developing, supporting and succeeding with Minnesota players, the kids in our own backyard, because a local club should be for local people.

So we have guys like Isaac Friendt who is Minnesota born and bred. Guys like Martin Browne who moved here as a kid and stayed. Guys like Tim Wills who came here for college, got a job here after college and doesn't look like leaving. They're all Minnesotan, just like club management, just like our fans.

Importantly, they are here in Minnesota not to play soccer with Minneapolis City but because they want to be here in Minnesota. They are the players that qualify as Minnesotan. They are the players we exist to serve.

They are what makes us the Athletic Bilbao of The North.


On being an intern, battling cancer, and building a club.

By: Kristian Evans

I remember the moment I fell in love with MPLS City very clearly. In the club’s home opener against the Croatian Eagles, Isaac Friendt, who had been dominating the entire game, made an incredible run to the outside and blew by the the poor back tasked with containing him.  Without much choice, the back took Isaac down and was quickly whistled for a red card, while the crowd cheered in approval, Jon Bisswurm, now the club’s Sporting Director, took the jubilation to the next level.  In a full on sprint, red solo cup in hand, Jon ran towards the ball that had spurted out of bounds as a result of the foul and took a running kick at it only to fall in spectacular fashion.  I think I was one of the few to see it, but that moment summed up Minneapolis City pretty well for me; we are unorthodox, and beyond strange but man, do we know how to make lower division soccer fun.


Minneapolis, Minn. -- Minneapolis City SC is proud to announce its newest intake of development players, a class of players fully supported by the generosity of club members and financial supporters, and a group already double this size of last year's class.



Completing the scheduling process for the 2017 season related to Minneapolis City SC, today the NPSL Midwest Region playoffs format, scheduling and tie-breaker rules.

The top two teams from each conference will make the playoffs, with the top two teams in the region as determined by points-per-game getting a bye into the 'final four.'



Because Minneapolis City moved from the Premier League of America (PLA) to the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), the club has technically violated tournament rule 202c1a and has been removed from the competition.

The Crows appealed the ruling, suggesting that the language of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) used in discussing the spirit of the law, the point is to keep clubs from making "material changes" throughout the tournament, made it clear that the club should continue because there have been no material changes.

In fact, the club remains exactly the same.



Minneapolis, Minn. -- Minneapolis City is proud to announce the signing of Minnesota Thunder Academy defender Jake Meier as a Development Player for the 2017 NPSL season, finishing a big day for the Shakopee senior as today he also formally committed to Indiana University.

Meier will be training with City before heading to Indiana for an early commitment.



We have incredible momentum going into the 2017 and have sold nearly as many Annual Memberships to date as we did in all of 2016. Something special is happening here.

To give back to the members who are passionately advocating on behalf of the club we are introducing a referral bonus.

Refer someone to an Annual Membership, have them use promo code WELCOME2MPLS and they will get $10 off of their membership and when they enter your name as referrer you will get a $5 merchandise credit. You get $5 for every person you refer, no limit. So start racking up those credits!

At the end of the promo period on Feb 28 we will calculate and deliver your credit.

Whoever refers the most people will get an additional $20 credit. Incentive!


Minneapolis, Minn. -- Minneapolis City will be traveling to Valley Stadium in Des Moines to take on one of the very best amateur teams in the country, PDL powerhouse--and vanquishers of Minnesota United in the 2014 U.S. Open Cup--Des Moines Menace.

"They were fantastic hosts last year for the pre-season scrimmages" said Managing Director Dan Hoedeman "we have a great relationship with them, and we want to test ourselves against the best."

It is a purposeful break in the NPSL North Conference schedule for City and will ensure that, like last season, the Crows are facing opposition of the highest quality.


Tickets will be available later in the spring online at


Minneapolis, Minn. -- Isaac "Goose" Friendt has made it official: he is returning to Minneapolis City for the 2017 season, the club's first in the National Premier Soccer League. Friendt, who was a FiftyFive.One Player of the Year finalist, is back in the City of Lakes after an impressive first season for the Crows.

"It took a few conversations with Goose's coaches at Indiana to get this deal done" said Sporting Director Jon Bisswurm. "It was worth it. Goose is tireless, he's explosive, and he is a key part of our team. I can't wait to see him flying down the wing."

Friendt is the club's sixteenth signing so far, leaving at least ten spots up for grabs as the final open tryout looms on March.


Minneapolis, MN -- Minneapolis City SC proudly announce a major new partnership with Little Caesar's starting with the club's inaugural season in the National Premier Soccer League.

"This is an exciting day for us," said Dan Hoedeman, Minneapolis City Managing Director. "This partnership is a testimony to our approach, to our momentum, and will go a long way to ensuring that our goal of long-term growth and sustainability is realized...