Match Preview.

As Sir Alex Ferguson said, this is squeaky bum time in the West Division. Minneapolis City, Milwaukee Bavarians and Cedar Rapids Rampage are vying for the two league tournament spots--and they are playing each other in what amounts to a round robin for the chance to vie for a US Open Cup spot. It all starts here at The Barnyard.

In their first meeting, City visited Milwaukee and walked away with a 0-0 draw after a pulsating encounter. Since then, Bavarians have stayed at the top of the table and added the USASA Region II championship to their silverware collection. Logan Andryk, Tighe Dombrowski and Andre Francois continue to be big influences, though questions will be asked about the away side's ability to cope with with loss of midfielder Kyle Zenoni.

For the Grumpy Cats/Crows, outside of the injured Isaac "Goose" Friendt, the team is at full strength. It will be interesting to see how they integrate Sam Forsgren, so influential in Madison, with the team at 100%.


Minneapolis City Squad.


1.  Matt Elder

2.  Aaron Olson

3. Lance Gaspar

4.  Ian Smith

8.  AJ Albers

9.  Matthew Gweh 

10. Ben Wexler

11. Tim Wills

12. Will Kidd

13. Samuel Ruiz Plaza

15. Nate Engel

18. Trey Benhart

19. Isaac Forsgren

20. Ryan Cammarota

21. Abdallah Bah

23. Andrew Lorei

26. Emmanuel Brown

61. Duncan Werling

Milwaukee Bavarians Squad.


1.  Connor Rortvedt

2.  Henry Simon

3.  Jack Hagstrom

6.  John Krutty

8.  Abdul Kooistra

9.  Thomas Bihler

10. Cameron Scott

11. Rolando Salas

12. Jonathan Pill

13. Harry Markatis

14. Lloyd Rowlatt

15. Joao Machado

17. Keegan Thompson

20. Sam Novak

21. Ali Barry

22. Alfredo Ramirez

25. Tony Amolo

28. Alex Bradley


Match Live Feed.

Meet us at The Rail Station.

Before and after the game we'll be at The Rail Station bar on Minnehaha. Summit Beer will be on special for all Minneapolis City fans, and after the game we'll have coaches and players and interns crawling all over the place and ready to drink and talk. If that doesn't spell fun, we don't know what does.


We introduce Dunc.

Duncan "Dunc" Werling is another of our high school rockstars. a rapid quick shot-stopping keeper, I'm pretty sure he's got TNT in his boots. He had a huge performance for us against the Croatian Eagles this past weekend, with four or five dominant saves to keep the game within reach during tough circumstances.

Keep an eye on this one, as he heads off to the Division I program at UCLA after graduating from The Blake School located in Minneapolis. Born and raised Minneapolis, destined for D1 and beyond, he's perfect for us. and for you. This dude is a THRILL to watch, seriously.

He's played for Minnesota Thunder Academy and is an absolute standout, being the 2nd ever Minnesotan to be signed by UCLA.

He's got quite a goalie roar too. He's a champ at being heard and running the field from his box.

Rockets for legs, UCLA bound and only 18, it can't be long until we start calling him "DunKing", right?

Feast your eyes on this article for more on Dunc. Also, he's a model.


Next up for City.

We're heading to Madison! Just couldn't quit these guys so soon, and so we head to Breese Stevens Stadium on Saturday June 25. Travel with us or, if law enforcement frowns on your going to Wisconsin anymore, you can follow us on Twitter via @MplsCityGameday