Ep. 70 The New Skipper

After a rash of technical difficulties the guys are finally back! This week they cover some news about one of our own, a sick merch alert and have in studio Matt VanBenSchoten the head coach of the newly formed U23 team. Get some!

Ep. 69...Ha!

Nate is out this week so Jon brings in an Old Boy, a Stegman's Old Boy, Mr. Adam Belz to talk about the USA Vs B&H friendly as well as a recap of what is now a full year of United (ATL & MN) with a look at how both the franchises are on different paths as they move into year 2.  Enjoy!

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Or, hit him up on Twitter here: @zlebmada

Ep. 68 u23 Team Update and NPSL Showcase Lowdown

The guys get down to the news that has hit the internet regarding the club and we bring in Trey Benhart to talk about his NPSL Showcase expereince.  Please hang with us as there were a few technical difficulities folks!  

Ep. 67 Consulting Nostradamus

The guys are joined by another great Midwestern soccer mind, Fletcher Sharpe, aka Fletcher Nostradamus aka @SaintFDW of the Midfield Press. He gives us the lowdown on what's going on with Detroit City, the NPSL and US Soccer as a whole.

Check out Fletcher's reporting at The Midfield Press

Ep. 66 Best of 2017

Happy Holidays Murder! The boys close the chapter on 2017 with their top 10 Best of 2017 episode.  The Old Grand Dad Rant also makes an appearance this week as Jon takes on some issues he has with the MLS, you can only imagine how that goes.  Enjoy!

**Explicit Language Alert** This episode is not for little ears.

EP. 65 Warming Up For Winter

After the flu and a fight with river ear, the boys are back with all sorts of hotness to warm you up for the winter months.  Get the latest on the NPSL league meeting, an update on our college players, winter combine news and all the goodness on our Member Event at Summit. Enjoy!

Ep. 64 Pink Always Breaks the Internet

The boys talk about how to build kits that get attention, how to build a roster that wins games, and how to be completely awful at hosting a US Open Cup match.

EP. 63 Bringing The Horror To Aurora

Still UNDEFEATED in the Open Cup Folks!  Both Jon and Nate were along for the ride this past weekend for the win and are here to bring you all the goodness from the trip including three dynamite player interviews.  There is also an introduction of a new segment we like to call, "Nate's Old Grand Dad Rant Of The Week". Even Jon gets in on the action, shocker.  

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Ep. 61 Don't Make Us Come Down There

After the Santa Fe Wanderers saved us a trip to KC by forfeiting, the boys speculate about why, look ahead to our next Cup match and talk to City fullback Charlie Adams.


Give to help Puerto Rico FC players and staff recover from Hurricane Maria: https://www.gofundme.com/raising-money-for-prfc-staff

Ep. 60 The "Open" Cup

Did you miss us, because we missed the hell out of you.  The boys are BACK! This weeks show covers all things 2018 US Open Cup, yes we are allowed back in, kind of. Features include news about the match and the make up of our roster.  Get Some!

Ep. 59 Season Recap

It is all over folks and we have a recap for you. The boys cover the last match of the year against Med CIty, touch a bit on NPSL postseason, review overall thoughts on the organization and hand out the coveted "Unofficial, Official Team Awards". We will miss you for a few weeks before reboot. 

Ep. 58 Make Or Break

Get ready for the last home game folks as the guys run down the trip to South Dakota, a preview of the Twinstars and Med City matchs this week and cover some tasty playoff scenarios. Get some!!!

Ep. 57 They All Count Now

The boys talk about the changes the team made to be successful in the road victory against Fusion and try to get to the bottom of the up and down season of Saturday's foe, the Sioux Falls Thunder (not the real Thunder). The race to the finish is getting intense. Stay focused!

Ep. 56 Struck by the Luck of the Irish

The boys recap another drubbing of Aris and revisit Friday's unlucky result up at the North Shore that saw us leave frustrated and down a midfielder. Can we turn it around to fight to the top of the table? Listen up and get some!

Ep. 55 Hump Week Recap

After a tough outing in Minnetonka the team gets over the midseason hump with a sweep of the Green Line Derby, the boys discussed what the difference-makers were (besides the officiating) and look ahead to the rest of the season. Party time!

Ep. 54 Points

Goals you wanted, goals you got, points we needed, points we got!  The guys recap the week that saw us find the back of then net 11 times in 3 days and preview the Wednesday TwinStars & Saturday VSLT matches this week. Get some!

Ep. 53 On The Road

The boys get back at it, Jon takes to the road as the Crows play the Menace, we learn a lot about our college bros in the round table interview and a look into what City has ahead with Aris & Thunder previews. Get some! 

Ep. 52 So Friendly

City is on a bit of a break in league action so the boys cover the week that was with a recap of the two games vs. Med City and Dakota, a training session with MN United and preview Saturdays friendly against our PDL bros the Des Moines Menace. Get it!

Ep. 51 Back to work!

Coming off of the weekend the guys have lots to talk about.  They drop a recap of the Duluth match and then get right into the Med City and Dakota Fusion previews for this week. Ears get ready for this magic!