Ep. 51 Back to work!

Coming off of the weekend the guys have lots to talk about.  They drop a recap of the Duluth match and then get right into the Med City and Dakota Fusion previews for this week. Ears get ready for this magic!

Ep. 50 Turn the Difficulty Up

We won a game folks! The boys recap the dramatic 1-0 win away at VSLT, talk the Duluth FC preview and bring in Crow Brian Kallman for a delightful chat.  DON'T MISS IT!!!

Ep. 49 Time for the Magic to Happen (again)

We dusted off the stadium and ironed out the kinks soccer fans.  The boys bring you the review of our last friendly against the Golden Gophers and talk VSLT ahead of this Saturdays I-94 Derby. Get some!


Ep. 48 To the Max

Together again. Nate and Jon take the show to straight 100 with some fantasy line-up thoughts, a preview of the U of M friendly and City new boy Max Kent is in the mix for a "get to know you" & a really hard speed round.  Get some, real soccer is days away!

Ep. 47 The Elder Statesman

Jon calls in from the left coast to talk the Stegman's vs. Milwaukee Bavarians match and which City players were able to get some extra minutes in preparation for the start of the season. Captain and starting GK joins Nate to reflect on the team's first year and what this season's expectations are.

Ep. 45 Chilling with AO & Doug

The boys talk the first preseason friendly against the Shattuck DA this past weekend. They also are blessed to have City defender Aaron Olson in the house and then cap things off with City's new GK coach Doug Sidney...BONUS two Lupient Automotive Speed Rounds Get some!

Ep. 43 The Keg Is On Ice

The coach is in the building and the boys deliver YOUR questions...He also introduces his staff for the summer.  But before they get to that, they provide an update on the Summit Keg Match, the first preseason training session, and talk a little Loons. You shouldn't miss any shows, but for sure don't miss meeting the coach. 

Ep. 42 One Team, One Dream

The team has been signed and the boys are here to give you a run down of the Crows that will fly for you in 2017 friends.  Get to know the new blood, refresh yourself on the returners and start planning your nicknames & player chants.  Also, did you think the guys would let MNU off the hook, nope.  They take a medium dive into the start of the season and what the heck is going on across town. Last but not least, stick around to the end folks we got a new single from house band Go Get'em Tiger. Enjoy!

Ep. 41 The Viking

The boys are on the road at the Viking Bar Minneapolis to talk soccer at the City membership event. If you couldn't make it you clearly missed out, so this is about as close to being there as you can get. If information about the dev signings, open trial chatter and the sweet baritone voice of defender Joey Gustafson sound good you will not be unimpressed. 

Ep. 40 The People's Show

This show is for you folks. Nate and Jon take this week to answer the Twitter mail that you fine friends left us. They cover NPSL North news, merch, Midwest soccer teams and make a very special announcement that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS.  Cheers!

Ep. 39 Guys, The Show Is One Year Old!

Folks we did it! We made it one year on the air without burning things down, we are so proud of ourselves.  We cover some of our best memories of the past year and bring City netminder Big Game James Neher along for the ride as he is in studio and ready to talk. Have a listen and drop us a line on Twitter to congratulate us or, um I don't know, maybe ask us a question?

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Ep. 38 Schedule Breakdown

It is out folks and the boys are here to break it down. The 2017 Schedule is full of knowns and unknowns and this is the place to hear about it. Also some player news and a review of the recent Chattanooga FC vs. Atlanta United FC match. Enjoy!

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Ep. 37 Tippin Caps

Back at it and this one is a don't miss.  The boys talk about what happened with the US Open Cup, and Dustin Brannan from Talisman Caps is in the house to talk soccer and fashion.  Enjoy and tell your friends! 

**Due to file size restrictions, you will not hear Go Get'm Tiger at the conclusion of this episode.** 

Ep. 36 Another Willis

The Boys talk to Miles Stockman-Wills, the newest member of the form MN United Reserve team.  He is an interesting and humble guy.  Enjoy!

Ep. 35 What You Talking About...

With little news on the City front, the fellas get a little honest about whether or not the Loons should hit the panic button as they go into the first MLS preseason. But the headliner is an in-studio chat with point man forward Tim Wills.  Enjoy!

Ep. 33 New Year, Same Us

The fellas ring in the new year with plenty of news around City headquarters...New stadium for 2017, new player signings and a new player interview with City defender Kevin Hoof. If you don't listen we won't be mad, just very disappointed.  Happy New Year Friends!

Ep. 32 Soccer Is A Gift Holiday Special

Since it is the season of giving the boys bring the listeners an outlook on all the gifts city has received and given this year, including the gift of STEVE!.  Ian smith joins in at City Studio to talk college soccer, how City helped him prepare for his freshman year and toss him into a speed round.  Happy holidays from Jon and Nate you crazy Crow fans!